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These awards are given out at the CACCA Awards Banquet.

The Stinson Award

aka: Charles, FPSA and Betty Stinson Award

This service award is for outstanding contribution to photography in the Chicago area. It honors dedicated service to CACCA and/or its clubs in furthering interest in photography. Achievement in photographic competitions is not considered in making this award.

The Kohout Award

aka: Kohout Outstanding Nature Photographer Award

This award is given to an individual who best exemplifies the spirit and efforts of John, ASPA and Kitty Kohout in nature photography. An interest in nature that goes beyond merely taking photographs is required, and photographic accomplishment alone is not sufficient to qualify. The importance of preservation and respect for nature and promotion of nature and nature photography by teaching programs, etc. must be a part of the person’s attitude in his or her photographic endeavors.

Click here to view (or download and print) the nomination form.

Creativity Award

Formerly known as the Len Gordon Creativity Award.  Len is best remembered for his Alteration of Reality images. This award is also about photographic images that show uniqueness and originality not normally seen in most images. An image can be modified to appear altered in an unusual way, such as seen in the category of Creative Digital, but an image that may appear realistic qualifies if a high level of imagination and originality are evident. Since these terms are not easily definable in a quantitative manner – just as is the case for any award winning image – both candidates and judges will have to rely on experience and examples when determining proper choices.

The Grace DeWolf Award

Grace DeWolf, one of the founders of Riverwoods Nature Photographic Society, was a photographer who exhibited a passion for nature and nature photography. She served as mentor and inspiration for many a young nature photographer and often encouraged them not only to be aware of the importance of light but to explore and master photographing all subjects in the realm of nature photography: wildlife, botany /macro, and landscapes. In her honor a special award shall be given at the end of the Individual Nature competition series to a participant in Individual Nature Prints and/or Individual Nature Slides who has exhibited not only excellence in nature photography but had shown that excellence in photographing diverse nature subjects This award is modeled after the Kohout diversity award which was formerly given when CACCA held a PSA sanctioned International Salon.

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