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Nature Prints

CACCA conducts three Individual Nature competitions during the year in one division of small prints. Photographs entered into Nature Competitions may depict observations from any branch of natural history, and must do so in a fashion that a well-informed person will be able to identify the subject matter and to certify to its honest presentation. Any view may be used, including micro and macro photographs.

Ineligible are photographs of artificially produced hybrid  plants (e.g. garden flowers) or domesticated animals, mounted specimens, obviously set arrangements, derivations or any form of photographic manipulation that creates a false or misleading impression  of the natural history subject

The story-telling value of the photograph will be considered along with its pictorial quality. Obviously recognizable man-made  elements shall not be present except for scientific wildlife banding and in the rare instances where man-made elements enhance the story (e.g., where wildlife adopts a man-made location). Even in those instances, the man-made elements should be unobtrusive.

See the Competition Rules (link) for details regarding further restrictions of all Individual Competitions.  At the last competition of the year The Grace DeWolf Memorial Award (link) will also be selected.  (Click on each blue link for further information.)


Photojournalism Prints

CACCA conducts three Individual Photojournalism competitions during the year in one division of small prints. Entries in the Photojournalism Competition must depict man and his environment. These will generally consist of story-telling pictures or sequences as seen in news media and periodicals, including human interest, spot news, documentary, and humor. Contrived situations or photographic manipulations that alter the truth are not allowed. The picture must be candid and not posed by or for the photographer. The image cannot be the result of influence by the photographer.The journalistic value of the photograph shall be weighed along with the pictorial quality.

Portrait Prints

CACCA conducts three Individual Portrait Competitions during the year in one division of small prints. Photographs entered into Portrait Competitions may be either living humans or domestic animals. The human or animal shall be the main subject and shall dominate the picture. The chairperson has the right to disqualify any entry that does not meet this requirement. Ineligible entries include, but are not limited to, plants, glassware, and other inanimate objects.

Creative Digital Images

CACCA conducts three Individual Creative Digital Image competitions during the year in Digital Images division. Entries that are "straight" photographs with no evidence of creativity are ineligible. Any and all techniques used to alter the image are eligible. The best combination of imagination and execution is the intent of the Creative Digital Image competition. Creative Digital images are submitted online through the CACCA DPI website and shall be no larger than 1400 pixels wide or 1050 pixels tall.

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